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Want to enhance your team and have experienced remote or in-house workers, ready to meet your needs? Hire dedicated developers & programmers with Scopic, and avoid agency fees. Let’s talk about how our developers for hire can help you on your road to success.

Expert programmers employed by us, hired by you Available to work on-site or remotely on your projects.

You need an IT expert for your project but don’t know how to find the right match of expertise and personality to meet your needs? We’ll hand-pick, from our large selection of vetted programmers, the best programmers for hire that will fit perfectly with your team.

Guaranteed Top Service

Instead of a Recruiting Agency?

Scopic is a certified partner of Teamwork, Elastic, Twilio, Ionic Framework, and Meteor. We believe in creating partnerships, rather than just signing contracts. We want your project and your organization to succeed, so quality and transparency are of the utmost importance to us. You’ll not just hire a coder – you’ll work with a partner.


If you’re looking for programmers who will be 100% reliable and dedicated through every stage of your project, then you can choose us – that’s what we guarantee.


When working with us, you're also benefiting from over a decade of our software development experience. We know the industry well, and this enables our developers for hire to get the job done to the highest standards, on time and on budget.

Industry Expertise.

Scopic’s coders for hire are fully screened as standard to ensure the highest quality. We only employ dedicated software engineers with superior technical skills and excellent communication skills, including fluency in English.

Expert Developers.

Being a truly virtual company, our business model allows us to source the best possible talent globally, while providing the best possible price for you, with no big agency fees. How does that work? No big fancy offices, no equipment costs, which results in lower prices for our clients.


Flexibility is one of our main strengths: with us, you can find talented and flexible developers who will help bring your ideas to life – whether you need specific skills (such as 3D animation, PHP, or HTML5), or you just have an end vision for your project. 



"Having Scopic's developers in our offices, dramatically improved communication and reduced project development time, allowing us to expand our project scope while still meeting our deadlines."

Edmund Koh, Personae Studios Director

We may be a virtual company, but our best developers have a wealth of experience working on-site as well. Scopic offers the flexibility to hire software professionals to suit the requirements of your project. 

Our rates set us apart from the competition — we seek to exceed your expectations of quality and price. With our highly competitive rates, anyone can hire a developer. 

Scopic’s developers for hire come from over 30 countries, primarily within Europe. They have fluency in English, often other languages, and are there to learn, listen, and collaborate.

Our programmers have great expertise in their specific fields and offer deep technical acumen with the credentials to prove it. 


Technical Expertise

Excellent Communication Skills

Experience Working Remotely and On-site

Highly Competitive Rates

Need developers to work on your project with enthusiasm, trust, and impeccable skills, either on-site or remotely?

We've got you covered.

We are a software development services provider, not a recruitment agency. Our programmers are the same professionals we use on our own client projects, therefore, they come with the Scopic stamp of approval.

No Recruitment Agency Fees When You Hire Dedicated Programmers with Scopic. Why?

You have in-office programmers, but you’re struggling to grow your team without completely obliterating your budget with agency fees.

After developing custom solutions for over 13 years, we have built an extensive network and workforce of highly experienced and talented developers. We have top talent where you need it, for a fraction of the cost: we are a software development company, not a recruitment agency. 

You need to hire dedicated programmers with niche skill sets, but you can’t find anyone who fits your project needs.

Scopic is primarily a virtual company, meaning we have a global footprint and work with employees from over 30 different countries. No matter how niche the skillset, we will surely have coders available. 

All of your current coders are remote, and you want them to better understand what your team and your project truly needs. You’re looking for in-person collaboration, impromptu brainstorming, and trust.

Although we have plenty of software engineers available remotely, we have a wealth of resources present to join your on-site operation. Tell us what’s most important for your project, and we will find the right fit for your team.

You only need a coder for a short period, but your recruiting agency can't seem to find anyone for a temporary fix.

Our developers/programmers/coders are our employees. When they step on-site at your company, they are arriving as experienced Scopic employees. They have been fully vetted, have undergone a rigorous approval process, and commit to both long-term or short-term contracts – whatever your needs may be.





The Solution:

The Solution:

The Solution:

The Solution:


The Problem: No On-site Developers

The Problem: Budget Constraints

The Problem: Niche Development

The Problem: Recruiting Developers

App Creation & Design:

For web, desktop, and mobile.

App Maintenance:

Bug fixes, tech updates, and more.

Website Maintenance: 

Monitoring, reporting, security, analytics, & A/B testing.

Creation of websites and redesign.

Technical Consultations:

We can guide you towards a solution that suits your needs.

User Interface and User Experience:  

UX/UI for web, desktop, and mobile.

Software Architecture:

We can help you define your structured solution.

Our Services Include:



Alan Omarov from Russia

Desktop Technical Lead

Expertise: Expertise: Alan, Full Stack Software Engineer, has been working with Scopic for over 11 years and has 12+ years of software development experience creating desktop and mobile applications in C++, ObjC, Swift, Qt, Gstreamer, and AVFoundation. He is also highly skilled in software architecture design with 4+ years of experience.

Sergij Rylskyj from Ukraine

Mobile Technical Supervisor

Expertise: Expertise: Sergij has great expertise in IOS, Android, and Cross platform development. He specializes in leading technical teams and project management. Sergij has a wealth of experience in working remotely and on-site, building long-term relationships with our clients. He does so by working attentively with clients to understand the scope of the project and to find the most efficient, robust technical solutions.

Tracy Luong from Vietnam

Web Developer

Expertise: Tracy is one of our best programmers for hire when it comes to web development. She specializes in building top-quality front end utilizing AngularJs and ReactJS frameworks. Tracy is also highly skilled in full stacks, including Ruby on Rails and pure JavaScript. With a flexible working attitude, Tracy is an excellent addition to any team.

Milos Hrelja from Serbia

Web Technical Lead

Expertise: Milos specializes in software architecture, design patterns, functional and object-oriented paradigms, and algorithms. His development skills are broad, include several programming languages and frameworks: Java, Python, PHP, Ruby on rails, to name a few. Milos is also highly experienced with in-app security. 


"The skill level of Scopic’s developers is incredibly high. With developers in the past, I have been disappointed. But, I have yet to stump Scopic, anytime I ask for something, no matter how complex, they figure out a way"

"One of the best things about working with Scopic is the talent level of the employees. The Scopic consultants I’ve worked with consistently met and exceeded my expectations. In my experience, everyone has been very intelligent, with graduate levels of engineering, and niche skill sets. They work quickly, without much instruction, and with a very high level of skill. I highly recommend the Scopic team."

''Words like thorough, honest and innovative come to mind but it still doesn’t fully describe their superior performance, it just gets better and better. My software that they designed is revolutionary. Also, estimates have been accurate or actually lower than predicted. It is with pleasure that I recommend Scopic.''

Remember when, back in the day, hiring a programmer was expensive, tiresome, and time-consuming? Not anymore and not with Scopic!

Let us provide you with our hand-selected programmers for hire – fast and affordable!

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