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The Dental Model Challenge Summarized

Time and accuracy are two key factors that make the modeling process in dentistry quite challenging. The process includes:

  • Taking measurements
  • Creating handmade models
  • Going through iterations for the models
  • Testing the results on patients

The crown models, especially, need a high level of detail to ensure a 100% match. This manual process not only consumes a lot of time but doesn’t guarantee success. This leads to increased expenses for dentists and reduced customer satisfaction.

The Vision Behind the App

The company’s vision was to alleviate these struggles for professionals. They aimed to create a platform that would not require dentists and lab experts to work on the models manually. They sought to provide software that would provide accurate and high-level designs, ready to be printed. They contacted Scopic and worked towards a solution for a 3D technology.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic was able to concretize the client’s ideas through the 3D Dental Application. The platform orients, optimizes, and calibrates dental scans to create hassle-free, perfect-match crown models. From scanned images, the software calculates exact tooth segmentation and gum dimensions, creating 3D printer-ready specs.

The tool streamlines dental workflows and patient communication, making the crown modeling process significantly simpler and more accurate. In addition to the application framework, Scopic’s team introduced:

Network sharing capabilities

Mesh processing tools

3D anaglyph view

Skills Involved:

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