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Snap. Upload and see your future family with just a few snapshots.

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The Baby Generating Challenge Summarized

Have you ever wondered what you and your partner’s future baby could look like? Or what a baby between Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer (Ross & Rachel) would actually look like? What if there was a way where you could visualize this?

The Vision Behind the App

The team at BabyMaker wondered these exact same things. They dreamed of a fun app where people could use pictures of ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ to envision just what these future ‘babies’ could look like one day without having to wait 9 months!

With other ‘face morphing’ apps and technologies on the market, the team at BabyMaker found them to be unreliable and unrealistic in the results that they produced. With this in mind, they sought out to create an app that would give their customer a legitimate idea of what the baby would look like.


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The Scopic Solution

The team at BabyMaker came to Scopic to brainstorm and bring their app idea to life.

Using machine learning development software, our team of experts set out to create new algorithms to help the user visualize a more practical version of their future baby using two pictures.

Using facial recognition technology, the BabyMaker app takes the two pictures submitted to create a completely new, and unique face ‒ your baby’s! Unlike other apps that produce cartoon-looking images, the BabyMaker app detects facial features from both pictures to generate a new, real-life picture based on the combination.

The great thing about the app and the technology used is that the pictures don’t have to be in the best quality in order to create a realistic picture as an end-result.


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