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The Debt Management Challenge 

Keeping track of all your personal expenditures may become quite a difficult task. You make so many purchases on a daily basis, that you are not always aware of exactly where all that money goes. When it comes to loan spending, not having complete control over such important information can induce stress in your life. With a loan, you also have to keep your credit score in mind. Unreasonable financial practices distract you from staying up to date with that score and eventually improving it. This puts your future financial options, including major purchases like housing, at risk.

The Vision Behind the App

Credco Capital Solutions recognized an opportunity in the consumer market related to personal credit accounting. They came up with a better way to help people keep track of their spendings and loan statuses. Improving the accuracy of this information would enhance people’s confidence, increase their awareness, and eventually let them make better purchasing decisions.

The company contacted Scopic and worked together on a helpful tool.

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The Scopic Solution

Scopic built Credit Repair application and showcased the potential of the company’s vision. It is a financial app that provides you with instant reports on your loans. Your reports are updated every few weeks so that you can keep track of your loans with accurate and recent data. The platform includes user-friendly features such as:

Multiple Accounts

Countdown Calendar

Responses Received

Updated Status

Files and Notes


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Skills Involved:

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