Instrumental Flight Procedures 

Aircraft Operations Construction Made Simple 

Put All Manual Flight Procedures on Autopilot with Instrumental Flight Procedures .

The Challenge

Engineering and designing aircraft operations is a time-consuming process, and when done manually, it could lead to many errors. Additionally, the manual calculation of critical obstacles during flight could lead to different interpretations of the specs, depending on what software they’re loaded in.

The Vision

Praevolo Instrument Procedure Design Application is a CAD tool used to calculate, construct, and visualize instrument flight procedures. It quickly calculates the most critical obstacles under different stages of flight among millions of obstacles loaded in all formats used in the industry, which was impossible to achieve manually. The application has a 2D view in Mercator projection that is used for procedure design and a 3D view that allows accurate visualization of the scene. 

The Scopic Solution

Scopic developed the Instrument Procedure Design Application tools, which include:  

  • Basic: This set of tools can be used when the engineer wants to mimic the manual design process, giving the possibility to draw points, lines, spirals, arcs, tangents, and other basic constructive elements that form the final design. 
  • Advanced: These tools create advanced procedures based on the set of properties without the need for the user to know the construction process in detail. 
  • Utilities: These tools include measurement, grid tangent, and other tools that help in the design process. They help to identify the most critical obstacle based on the geometry and loaded data that determines the height.

Skills Involved:

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