Jockey Silks Creator

Design and visualize your jockey silks.

The Challenge 

Most designers of jockey silks face the challenge of not being able to demonstrate the outfits they create to their clients before they are actually physically made. Often, designers end up with something that the jockeys do not like and the fabric and workmanship go to waste.

This also takes its toll on customer relationships. As a result, many designers are on the lookout for a more effective way of working to ensure their clients can visualize silks prior to their creation and are always satisfied with the final outcome.

The Vision 

The designers at Jockey Silks aspired to have an application that would help them create and visualize the different styles of jockey apparel and silks before they begin implementing their designs. They wanted designers to be able to easily identify any issues with the color, design, logo, or pattern beforehand, in order to prevent client dissatisfaction. They were looking to streamline the design and creation process, as well reduce operational costs and cut down on waste. 

The Scopic Solution

The development team at Scopic built and designed an easy-to-use Jockey Silks template application from scratch. With an intuitive interface, our team created a platform which simultaneously facilitates the designers’ workflow while increasing their productivity.

This uniform builder also has many options available to ensure jockey uniforms stay up-to-date. These include modifications capabilities for; color, pattern, and logo for team caps, jackets and sleeves.

Skills Involved:

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