Page My Cell

The Desktop App That Notifies Firefighters and EMS Responders of Emergency Incidents

Every life matters.

The Emergency Dispatch Challenge

Accidents happen. And they happen all the time, taking with them lives and changing people’s existence. When it comes to emergency dispatch, there’s a challenge – sometimes the fire departments are unable to communicate during and after disasters with live incident updates.

The Vision Behind the App

The mission of the desktop app was to fix exactly that – it was meant to help detect various disaster tones, process them into usable notifications, and distribute them to emergency response teams. The founder envisioned that the app would provide a cost-effective solution and ensure that fire departments have the platform available to communicate about incidents. Data would be collected and processed seamlessly through the Page My Cell desktop app, and later would be linked to the mobile app through a custom web application. So the founder decided to partner with Scopic and put its desktop application development services to use.

The Scopic Solution

And that’s why Page My Cell came to life. Scopic, a desktop application development company, built a desktop application from scratch for Page MY Cell. Our coders used technologies such as C++ and QT when developing the app. During the process, some of our activities involved:

We then continued working on the app to ensure the seamless, instantaneous data sharing through a custom web application that connects the desktop app to the mobile app.

Skills Involved:

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