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The Challenge Sumarized

If there is ever an emergency, most people call 911 for help from their mobile phones, hoping that the 911 operator would be able to locate their exact location. But not many are aware that cellphones have substantial limitations. So, if you can’t talk – which is usually the case when a crime is in progress or if you are amid a medical emergency – it may be challenging or downright impossible for emergency responders to locate you in time. This is a very widespread public hazard that is largely unrecognized.

The Vision Behind the App 

Creators of Share 911 envisioned a practical solution for emergency communication that would address this challenge. They wanted to build a helpful application to let users share the exact location of danger or request help from 911 and individuals nearby at the same time. They worked with the Scopic development team to build the platform from scratch.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic’s experienced developers created Share 911 – a social media platform for emergencies. The app is cross-platform and is available on desktop, web, and mobile.

Share 911 is a complete solution for on-site communication during emergencies such as fires, school shootings, medical emergencies, and more. It also provides a fast and reliable mechanism to account for missing people, communicate between critical staff, and directly notify first responders in real time.

Using Share 911 is very simple. In case of emergency, you need to select the type of emergency you are in and share your location through the application. Share 911 does the rest: contacts 911 on your behalf and informs the people nearby, ensuring that you get the necessary help, fast. 

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