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The Recreational Drug Website Challenge 

With recreational drug use becoming legalized and regulated, there is a need for platforms that provide accurate information about how these drugs can be used. Hemp is a very competitive industry, and the keyword difficulty is relatively high. Thus, the challenge was to stay ahead of the game and create SE-optimized content that would drive traffic in the long run.

The Vision Behind the App

The client behind WhatisHemp wanted to create a single landing page with comprehensive information about hemp products, their benefits and history. The client’s main goal was to start creating a community around the hemp industry, informing people about the new products made from hemp and the general benefits of this crop. Another main focus was on how to attract a large number of visitors that had never heard of the website before.

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The Scopic Solution

Scopic started out by creating a landing page on WordPress with all the pertinent information and custom design based on a pre-existing template. Once this initial page started to get traction in terms of traffic and keyword rankings, it was time to start content marketing efforts (blog posts) to support the main page. For this, a content strategy was created and implemented. Following the content strategy process, the website was diversified and revamped. The website now has a proper structure and more internal pages for each topic. The website also has a subscription form for a newsletter designed to gather leads.

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