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The Challenge 

In today’s world full of telemarketing, sales, and Robo calls, it’s hard to get peace of mind. Additionally, with all the noise and unknown number income calls, how can you distinguish between spam and real calls?  That’s where Call Cleanser comes in. This unique Robo call block app ensures you get only the calls that matter. 

The Vision

Call Cleanser is a VOIP application with a security layer that blocks 100% of Robo calls before your phone even rings. Once you install the mobile app, Call Cleanser generates a forwarding number for you. Then all your incoming calls get redirected to this number so Call Cleanser can verify who the caller is. If the caller number is in your contacts list, you will get the call immediately. If the caller is not in your contacts, Call Cleanser asks a security question and only allows the connection if the answer is correct.  

The Scopic Solution

The mobile app solution Scopic developed is not your ordinary Robo call blocker. While the app blocks 100% of all Robo calls, it still allows people to call you. Besides that, the security question feature makes the app the ultimate gateway between callers and users. You can also easily block, blacklist, and whitelist your contacts. And last but not least, if multiple Call Cleanser users report a number as spam, that caller will be blocked forever for everyone using the app. 

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