A Revolutionary Medical Device Shaping Solution 

Choose the Ideal Custom Curve for Your Medical Devices 

The Challenge

Standard design-shaped vascular catheters may not be ideal for every patient. Unoptimized medical device shapes also result in longer procedure times and a higher risk of arterial punctures and other complications. To provide an optimal solution for each patient’s individual needs and anatomical specifics, you can now customize medical device curves with ease.

The Vision

iCurve helps you create customized curves and print them on demand. This helps you reduce procedure time, risk, and hospital inventory. 

All you have to do is select a pre-existing design from the app’s database (or create your own via the device’s touchscreen), attach the packaged device to the iCurve system, and watch it print your curve. This gives you immediate access to a sterile, custom-designed medical device that’s ready for immediate use. 

The Scopic Solution

To create a seamless mobile app with an optimized user interface, iCurve hired Scopic’s developers. We helped create the:  

  • 2D\3D computer graphics 
  • Curve modeling (Bezier curves)
  • Curve smoothing algorithms 

 We also implemented different tools for curve manipulations like Rotate, Scale, and Mirror for manual selection and approximations. 

Skills Involved:

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