iLearn SolarSystem

The app that weaves technology with galaxy visuals to create memorable experiences.

Making Science Fun.

The Planet Learning Challenge Summarized

The cosmic world is taught quite early on in our lives. However, learning about the solar system may not be easy for children. Since they have not seen it with their own eyes, they find it hard to visualize the facts.

Children lose interest if it is all too abstract and they can’t distinguish between stars, planets and other astronomical objects. In addition, the meaning in scales of distances and times is often hard to grasp.

The Vision Behind the App

Sprite Labs company’s vision consists of bringing an educational experience that delights children with a blend of superior technology and creative arts. Founded in Silicon Valley in July of 2009, the pioneering lab aimed at making the solar system learning a fun experience for young minds.

They needed professionalism and expertise in 3D and 2D graphics, image processing, and cloud technologies, so they approached Scopic’s team and began their cosmic journey.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic developed the iLearn SolarSystem user-friendly mobile application. Our graphics experts allowed children to intuitively explore the solar system by looking at 3D models. The app provides information about every planet in the solar system. Users can take a quiz and test their learning. Through this colorful application, children can:
Explore the 3D solar system model
Learn about each planet in the system
Interact with the 3D model
Drop informational pins
Take a quiz and test your knowledge
Experience the Milky Way Galaxy and zoom in on the model

Skills Involved:

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