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Every life matters. Every second matters.

The Emergency Dispatch Challenge Summarized

Operators in emergency dispatch centers encounter challenges due to factors that may be decisive in avoiding devastating outcomes. In such emergencies, time matters above all else. But when making every second count, operators may deal with additional blockers such as:
System overloads leading to long holding time or abandoning calls, not making it possible for the emergency communication to get through

Cell tower coordinations may not route accurately the calls

Sudden malfunctions of software

The Vision Behind the App

Page My Cell is an independently owned LLC based in Beatrice, Nebraska. The company perceived the importance of time and reliability as decisive factors that influence saving lives during an emergency. They initially sought to solve a common problem in the fire service: to reduce reception on pagers after narrowbanding. In a continuous attempt to improve the system, their vision further encapsulated finding simple, reliable, and efficient ways to give their customers a better product. This meant no need for dispatch involvement.

Eventually, they reached out to Scopic to develop a hands-free and fully automated system that had the flexibility to cater directly to the customer’s needs through a core service: sending dispatch audio to cell phones via text message.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic helped design this solution to ensure responders know when and where they are needed. Built natively for iOS and Android, the Page My Cell mobile application notifies firefighters and EMS responders of emergency incidents. Data is collected and processed seamlessly through the Page My Cell desktop app, which is linked to the mobile app through a custom web application.
The mobile app also offers maps, GPS directions to emergency sites, and a convenient status board displaying current personnel availability. Over 8,000 users across the U.S. and Canada can also customize Page My Cell to their preferences by choosing to save call logs, playing messages with external speakers, or setting a unique alert tone for emergency notifications, among others.

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