Photo Captions

A tool that lets you add different captions to any picture

Caption the moment.

The Illustration Tools Challenge Summarized

There is no shortage of photo editing applications these days. However, when it comes to captioning your favorite images, most photo editors only offer a limited amount of colors, fonts, and options for adding texts.

The challenge in building these types of tools is to ensure that they are intuitive, user-friendly, and to make captioning photos as easy as possible.

The Vision Behind the App

The company behind Photo Captions envisioned a tool that would let users add different captions to any picture. With the idea of creating a no-hassle captioning tool, they reached out to Scopic to begin developing a tool that would be available on all iOS devices.

The Scopic Solution

The Photo Captions app is one of the simplest photo editing tools to use. First, upload an image, choose a font style, size, and color, and type any desired text. The tool also allows for images to be exported and shared on different social media platforms.

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