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The Posture Challenge Summarized

As an increasing number of jobs become office- or computer-based, we find ourselves sitting down more often. And while sitting down may be a relief, the way in which we sit is also something we should pay attention to. Good posture while sitting, standing and lying down helps you maintain a healthy spine and enjoy an active lifestyle.

The Vision Behind the App

Taking into account the fact that most people have access to gadgets and applications, Scopic thought of a way to incorporate these technologies for the betterment of people’s everyday posture. The goal was to create a simple and intuitive application that would gently correct users and show them how to improve their posture.

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The Scopic Solution

This mobile application is an example of a health app that was made for everyone who is looking to easily improve their body posture. Available on Android devices, Scopic’s web team programmed the app to monitor the user’s posture and send notifications accordingly. They used CSS, Node.js and PHP to achieve this which resulted in a large amount of positive feedback. In an effort to support the app, the developers also designed a suitable WordPress website. Finally, Scopic’s marketing experts provided design and content proposals in all stages of development and promotion.

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Skills Involved:

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