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The Game Application Challenge 

The tower defense gaming application market is flooded with different options. The challenge is to create a game that meets the ever-evolving needs of gamers and entertainment fans today.

The Vision Behind the App

The company behind the Tower of Defense imagined a fun and engaging game where users could progress through various levels and dominate new kingdoms. With this vision, they reached out to Scopic to begin developing the new entertainment app.

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The Scopic Solution

The Tower of Defense game is set in a medieval fantasy setting. Each level presents a predetermined path with empty slots all around, called ‘Strategy Points’ where the player can build towers. There are four types of towers to choose from: Mages, Archers, Barracks, and Artillery, each costing a certain amount of money to build and upgrade. At the beginning of each level, the player gets some money in order to build the first towers. As enemies begin to emerge from one end of the path, the towers must be able to kill them before they reach the other end of the path (defense point).

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Skills Involved:

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