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The Tourism Challenge Summarized

Beach is every summer enthusiast’s go-to place. When going to the same spot over and over again gets boring, we start searching for new options. We browse the net, check social media, or ask friends and family. What is the best beach, what to expect on this beach, and how to get there? There are times when we get lucky and find a nice spot, or we may spend an entire vacation shuffling from one beach to the next, trying to hit the jackpot.

The Vision Behind the App

The company’s owners wanted to make life easy for tourists. They had visited more than 500 beaches throughout Thailand, so why not share that experience? They decided to select over 90 real Treasure Beaches. They focused on selecting peaceful spots with a laidback and relaxed atmosphere. They contacted Scopic to finally put that information to good use.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic built Treasure Beaches Thailand application with the aim of giving you all the answers if you are in Thailand during summertime. The app asks you to tell what type of beach you are looking for, in what region or other details, and it will get you to your perfect beach in no time. Information of accommodations is listed for all of the beaches in the app. Illustrated with loads of pictures of the beaches and the stays, the user-friendly interface allows you to easily decide whether this might be your perfect spot.

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