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The Trip Challenge Summarized

You and your friends decide to go on the trip you had been talking about for a while now. So many things to be done! What’s the weather going to be like? Who gets to book the hotel? How do you book that city tour ahead? What are the main attractions to be seen?

Excited as you are, you decide to go for the ride. Everybody is ready. The group gets in 2 cars and you hit the road. You remember about a coffee shop on the way to the destination. But the driver of the car joining you needs gas while another friend wants to enjoy the beautiful site.

It is not easy! Organizing group events may become challenging. Different minds, different tastes but one common goal: to have a good time. Even for the most adventurous and spontaneous youngsters, not planning anything beforehand can be stressful and, eventually, take the fun out of the trip.

The Vision Behind the App

Trip Commander envisioned a solution that would make coordinating groups easier. Whether it is about what to do on a trip or when to make a stop on the road, everything can be planned through the app. This lets groups of travelers be more in sync with their plans.

When it comes to planning a trip, the company aims to be a reliable source that makes the whole experience more enjoyable. And as convenience is one of their core values, a user-friendly app was at the top of their priorities.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic developed the Trip Commander app for all Android devices. Adding geolocation to the features, Scopic, together with the company, made sure to cover all aspects of road trip planning. The user can intuitively select a “to and from” destination with the additional ability to plot waypoints in between both of those locations. The waypoints include purchasable options such as tours and attractions. The app can also give you recommendations for hotels, gas stations, and cafés.

The appealing user interface using Material Design allowed users to invite their friends on the trips and track their status along the route. Conveniently, they also receive notifications as their friends pass each waypoint.

 Here are some additional features:

  • Security when traveling: The trip commander, which could be a parent, spouse, friend or co-worker can monitor the trip from their own device.
  • Waypoints and Recommendations: Once a trip is created and waypoints are dropped, the app will provide recommendations based on the category selected for each waypoint.
  • Notifications and Messaging: The trip commander receives notifications throughout the trip and will send messages to each member.
  • Traffic and Weather: Active traffic is visible on the map and weather is available for each waypoint.

Skills Involved:

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