The Windows app
that digitizes mouthguard models

Taking mouthguards to the next, technological level.

The Mouthgurad Challenge Summarized

Dentists create mouthguards to help people for many reasons such as, treatments for Bruxism (commonly known as teeth grinding), dental procedures, or even to help athletes prevent injuries in high-impact sports.

In order to design these mouthguards, dentists typically make a mold of the individual’s teeth to assist with the creation of a matching, functional guard. The challenge associated with these molds is that they can be easily damaged or misplaced. It’s also possible that the guard created doesn’t fit accurately or isn’t completely accurate of the individual’s teeth. If the pressure is off or the mold moves during the process, the mouthguard can turn out faulty.

The Vision Behind the App

The team behind the Mouthguard app wanted to make mouthguards more accurate for high-impact athletes. They figured, why not make a digital version instead of dealing with an awkward, physical mold? With this idea, they looked to Scopic to bring their idea to life.

The Scopic Solution

Our software experts built a Windows desktop application from scratch to digitize the process of generating a dental mouthguard model. Using C++ and QT technologies we developed the app for internal use only. It is powered through the main database located in the individual company’s central server. We also made it possible for the final model to be exported as an STL file and its coordinates as a CSV file.

Using the software we developed, the tool is used to scan the individual’s mouth, providing exact measurements. From there, the company using the software is able to make a precise mouthguard for their clients ‒ protecting their teeth during high-impact games.

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