3D mapping of your teeth

The Challenge 

Biotech investors, patients, researchers and other individuals involved in tracking clinical trials to make business or health related decisions, are in need of a unified platform that contains clear data about clinical trials and their possible outcomes.

The Vision 

The founder of Orthoselect was on a mission to facilitate orthodontists with treatment planning and bracket placement. To do so, the client wanted to create a desktop application that would enable accurate 3D models of the patients’ teeth to be made. They hoped for software that would copy and replicate the teeth of each patient in a way that would make it easier for orthodontists to treat patients more effectively.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic’s C++ developers coded this 3D modeling vision to life using OpenGL and VTK technologies, among others.

The software and models are used in treatment planning and in specialized cases, such as OrthoSelect’s digital indirect bonding service (DIBS) for both fixed braces and removable aligners. The easy-to-use interface empowers healthcare practitioners to use this application hassle-free.

Skills Involved:

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