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The Recreational Drug Video Challenge 

With recreational drug use becoming legalized and regulated, there is a need for information channels that provide accurate explanations on how to use such drugs. Hemp is a very competitive industry and getting pertinent facts about its use is of utmost importance. Thus, the challenge was to create a concise video that covered all the ground about hemp use today.

The Vision Behind the App

The client behind WhatisHemp wanted to create a video that contained comprehensive information about hemp products, its benefits, and history. The main goal for the client was to use the video as a point of communication and create a community around the hemp industry.

WhatisHempVideo vision

The Scopic Solution

Scopic started out by researching and gathering all the relevant information that the client wanted to include in the video. From here, the team began with production. As a result, the video is a friendly and approachable animation that accurately portrays the basics of hemp.

WhatisHempVideo solution

Skills Involved:

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