Baby Registry

A website that provides unique gifts for newborns

Give the best gift.

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The Registry Website Challenge Summarized

Today many occasions that entail gift-giving have moved to a more convenient online platform. Examples include wedding registries, bar and bat mitzvahs, as well as baby showers. The challenge is to create a user-friendly website that offers the best baby products, so that the loved ones can shower the newborn with special gifts.

The Vision Behind the Website

The company behind Baby Registry envisioned a simple site that would display baby products new parents would love to have. With this idea in mind, the company reached out to Scopic to begin developing the registry website.

BabyRegistry vision

The Scopic Solution

Baby Registry is a website that provides unique gifts for newborn children. Instead of giving babies the same standard clothes and lotions, you can give your friends and their new bundles of joy useful and practical gifts.

BabyRegistry solution

Skills Involved:

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