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The Biotech Industry Challenge Summarized

Biotech is a complex industry that is swiftly evolving. The industry boasts great commercial potential, but it is also filled with hype, uncertainty, and risks. If you are a biotech trader, analyst, or advisor, you know the challenge of finding insightful, up-to-date industry information that will aid your decision-making and help you navigate through the complexities of biotech regulations, product developments, and research.

The Vision 

The company’s vision was to provide the industry with a feasible solution for investors, analysts, traders, executives, and clinical researchers. The digitized information network was to become one-of-a-kind data resource that will guide its users through product planning, revenue forecasting, financial analytics, market commentary, and investing. The company also envisioned a platform that is secure and accessible from anywhere in the world.

Having learned about Scopic’s extensive experience with web development, the company turned to Scopic to start building the solution.

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The Scopic Solution

Scopic developed Biotecharts, a platform that allows the user to track, analyze, and process the Biotech industry data. This robust solution generates trend analysis of the industry data in the form of charts, available for free user access.

It also provides information about pharmaceutical companies, drugs, markets, categories, and patent details. The app allows users to access multiple data charts that track how marketed biotech drugs are performing against a variety of relevant industry factors, including revenue, time, competitors, market expansion, label expansion, and more.

Alongside the website, our web experts created a landing page for Biotecharts. The landing page provides an overview of the website and is enriched with several features:

Filtering of the data based on multiple options like revenue range, year, class, and disease category

The option to enlarge a chart and download it in .png format

A chat for users to suggest new improvements or report a problem to the Biotecharts team.

Biotecharts solution

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