Celebrity Video Chat

The Application That Lets You Chat With Your Favorite Celebrity

Making Your Dreams Come True.

The Challenge of Being a Fan

Everyone has a favorite celebrity or an iconic influencer that they wish they could connect and have a real conversation with. The truth is, most of us never get to experience meeting our idols or having a chat with them. You have to be either extremely lucky or extremely crazy and willing to throw yourself on the stage during a concert to experience anything remotely close to having a conversation with your favorite celebrity!

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all get the chance to talk with our idols?

The Vision Behind the App

Celebrity Video Chat came to life when its founder decided to create an interactive online application that would mimic the voice, the face and even the expressions of people’s favorite celebrities. The vision behind the app was to give people the opportunity of experiencing something special, something they might never encounter in real life. So he partnered with Scopic, a leading software development company, to create a web app that uses artificial intelligence and gives people the feeling of chatting to their favorite celebrities.

The Scopic Solution

Celebrity Video Chat joined forces with Scopic to build and design an interactive web application with a responsive design. The app is based on Javascript, OpenTok, and PHP.
When working on the application our activities involved:

Native-English Copywriting

Responsive Design


We then continued to work on the web app, using artificial intelligence, to make sure the app mimics the voices and facial expressions of celebrities, and gives the users an illusion of having a conversation with a real human being.

Skills Involved:

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