The web app that offers secure and reliable cloud storage systems

Offering secure and persistent disks for cloud storage.

The Cloud Hosting Challenge Summarized

The shift to cloud storage options has provided the world with access to work or personal projects anywhere, anytime. Companies are rapidly turning to cloud computing services to avoid the hassle of having to host and maintain servers in-house.

Once cloud storage options have been developed, the challenge then becomes, creating the client-facing side of the web application for ease of use. The goal of successful front-end development is to ensure customers can easily use and navigate the application.

The Vision Behind the CloudBD User Interface

The team at CloudBD created a new cloud storage solution that offered scalable, cost-effective remote storage hosting. They achieved this through a custom object storage system as well as cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Google and OpenStack. With this service, programmers, startups and digital entrepreneurs are able to create durable disks that securely store up to 16 petabytes of information.
Once this hosting service had fully-developed back-end, the team at CloudBD needed the client-facing side of the application designed and developed. For this, they turned to Scopic’s professional developers.

The Scopic Solution

Using a combination of ReactJS and HTML5, our team developed the user-friendly front-end of the CloudBD web application.

Enhanced with a mobile-responsive layout, the app has a simple yet effective outline for the consumer to easily navigate through. Our team made sure to highlight and include key features, FAQ’s, free trial buttons, appealing graphics, charts, easy-to-read text and compatibility options of the service.

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