Estimation Workflow Tool 

EWT – A Smoother, Better, and Faster Estimation Workflow Tool 

Create Seamless Project Estimations That Will Optimize Your Sales Team Efforts 

The Challenge

Creating project estimates can take a lot of time and back-and-forth communication with different team members. That’s why Scopic wanted to ease the data collection process and provide more accurate information. This allows for a better overview of all needed project estimates and improves the project pipeline from the very beginning.   

The Vision

Scopic uses the Estimation Workflow Tool to create and send estimations about each planned project during the sales process. The tool allows the sales team to easily gather estimates from the right person with the right set of skills and store all needed information in one place. 

The Scopic Solution

EWT allows the sales team to create projects directly on the website. The system also helps you review and rate all metrics. This way, the sales team has a better understanding of the estimation’s accuracy. The dashboard also gives you a quick overview of: 

Completed estimates 

Reviewed estimates 

A personal estimates timeline 

A personal review timeline 

Your ratings as a reviewer and an estimator 

A list of all active estimates 


Skills Involved:

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