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The Medical Tracking Challenge Summarized

Daily routines can become full of incessant or frantic activity. And amidst all our daily tasks, coordinating healthcare for ourselves and our loved ones can be exhausting! In between giving mom her daily pills, taking the kids to the dentist, and sticking to your physical therapy regimen, how can you manage to keep track of it all?

This makes us messy, and possibly prone to:

  • Missing medical appointments
  • Forgetting our own records
  • Drawing a blank on taking pills at the right time
  • Losing medical documents or having piles of unorganized paperwork

The Vision Behind the App

Family Medical Diary believed this challenge could be addressed through better e-health tools. They envisioned a free medical alert app that allowed users to securely store and organize medical records, medication schedules, and doctors’ appointments for themselves and others – all from mobile phones. Their app aimed to help people spend less time managing appointments and medication schedules and more time enjoying their lives.

With a great app at hand, all that was left to do was to spread the word and make sure that people could have access to it in order to truly indulge in its advantages. That’s when FMD entrusted Scopic with the task of creating a high-performing landing page.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic crafted a landing page for The Family Medical Diary (FMD) that provided an overview of the app’s features and target users. This nicely-designed page effectively gave FMD an online presence, increasing brand credibility and ensuring that interested users could find the app when searching for relevant functionalities.

Created by Scopic’s marketing team through Instapage, this simple, cost-effective webpage utilizes SEO, brand design, and copywriting to promote FMD in a competitive market. This iOS and Android mobile app was rebuilt by Scopic’s development team prior to launching marketing efforts.

Skills Involved:

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