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The Challenge Summarized

Recreational shooting is a longstanding activity in the United States. Whether it’s practicing at a shooting range or shooting for fun on the weekend with friends, lots of people shoot recreationally every year.

Recreational shooting refers to several activities, including participating in shooting competitions, hunting, or using firearms as a hobby. Becoming a good shooter requires a lot of practice: you need to learn the best shooting angles, train to do pistol magazine changes, and perfect the proper pistol grip.


The Vision

The founders of Fire Mission Alpha wanted to help people who love to shoot – to do it better, to be more effective, and to be more informed. They decided to create a web resource that helps people improve their shooting skills through the easy-to-follow video format.

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The Scopic Solution

Founders of Fire Mission Alpha reached out to Scopic to bring the project into reality. The Scopic developers built a clean WordPress website that educates users about recreational shooting. The website features multiple instructional videos about shooting: from teaching the ideal pistol stance to performing pistol magazine changes.  

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Skills Involved:

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