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The e-commerce that sells high standard clothes and an authentic lifestyle.

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The Clothing Challenge Summarized

The popularization of e-commerce has rapidly affected the way in which clothing is produced, marketed and distributed. With a wider audience reach, companies rush through the process of manufacturing while keeping their costs low. Retail sales focus has shifted to marketing, having to make a trade-off between:

  • Low Price and High Quality
  • Massive Production and Customized Details
  • Globalized Trends and Unique Heritage


As enterprises sell through low-price strategies, the end products risk being very similar to each other, without representing any authentic features.

The Vision Behind the App

The goal of Grown&Sewn is to provide a line of distinct, innovative, quality products with no compromises. They began their collection in 2009 by creating KAX, a men khaki denim hybrid with a great fit and attitude. Every production is closely monitored for unique touches and special details. With heritage and innovation as their guide, Grown&Sewn is dedicated to create, influence and inspire. To build and explore an online presence, they decided to work with Scopic. A new e-commerce site would help the company represent its diverse line of authentic and lasting products through digital means.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic’s team created a fully responsive site that served Grown&Sewn purposes. This site allows the company to sell iconic pants, tops, boots, shorts and accessories, all made in the U.S. Amongst other categories, special focus was given to the Red Wing Heritage. Depicting the authentic spirit of Grown&Sewn, the team made sure it had an aesthetic view.

Our frontend experts also developed a buyer-friendly and interactive landing page for this online store. 

Skills Involved:

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