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A new and easy way to organize medical claims into tax-deductible expenses

Simple. Hassle-free. Easy-to-use.

The Health Deductible Challenge Summarized

Health Care Spending Accounts (HCSA) or Private Health Services Plans (PHSP) have long been used in Canada to help turn personal medical expenses into tax-deductible business expenses. This is much more advantageous from a tax perspective as there is no requirement to reach the minimum personal health expense limit before being deductible.

However, navigating through a world of healthcare bills can be tough. Knowing which medical claims are deductible and which are not is also a struggle. Overall, the process of managing medical claims so that they can be used as tax-deductibles is an ordeal.


The Vision Behind the App

The company behind Kibono wanted to make this process simpler by making a web application that would help users through the process. The goal was to provide the most simplified, self-service health benefits platform at the most affordable price possible without compromising value, clarity, or analytical capabilities. So they reached out to Scopic to start building the app.

The Scopic Solution

The team at Scopic essentially created Kibono to be a medical app for patients. Kibono is a simple and easy-to-use web application built to help people turn their medical claims into tax-deductible expenses through a simplified health benefits platform.

This self-serving tool allows users to manage and process health claims. Scopic’s web team worked on an existing application and proposed several new features for Kibono. This included the signup process and the actual functionality of the app.

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