Landscape Design Collaboration App

The Application That Lets You Visualize Your Landscaping Creations

For Builders, Constructors, and Architects.

The Landscape Design Challenge 

Builders, constructors, and architects face a challenge when creating blueprints of landscapes. When sketching with pen and paper, the picture can not be as accurate. Moreover, the final look and feel of the creation might not be what the client visualized. So there was a need for an application that would help architects create accurate blueprints and showcase their vision fully.

The Vision Behind the App

The Landscape Design Collaboration application was thought up with the mission of allowing builders and constructors to visualize their blueprints of landscape designs ahead of time. The founder wanted to build an app that would let these professionals keep track of their projects, their overall activities, and assigned roles. So he partnered with Scopic to create a web application for landscape design creation and collaboration.

The Scopic Solution

With our custom web development services, we created and designed this web application for builders and architects. The application uses Actionscript, Flex, and PHP to create a user-friendly interface that makes it possible for the clients to work in the application with ease.

The Landscape Design Collaboration app is now available for anyone who wants to visualize the blueprints of their creations. The app also helps keep track of ongoing activities and assign roles to team members.

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