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The Challenge 

Tailoring instructional programs to meet students’ special needs and monitoring their progress is essential to an effective and inclusive educational process for all children.  However, not every child can receive an individual learning approach to fit their special needs. Many schools lack the needed IEP programs that would be a good fit for children with linguistic diversity or disabilities. 


The Vision

Language Dynamics Groups is committed to developing, validating, and creating assessments and intervention materials that would help educators work more effectively with diverse children. Their philosophy aligns with a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) framework, in which the intensity and focus of instruction are adjusted to provide powerful intervention to students who do not readily make progress. 

To increase their brand awareness, Language Dynamics Groups was looking for a skilled full-service digital marketing agency to help them successfully market their product. That’s how they found Scopic. 

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The Scopic Solution

Together with Language Dynamics Group, our marketing experts devised an actionable marketing strategy that helped the company significantly increase its’ brand awareness and the conversion flow.  

We have created and managed Language Dynamic’s paid ads campaigns, achieving impressive metrics and strong ROI. Additionally, we launched successful email campaigns that educated their target audience on the importance of tailored learning experiences and company products, extending their reach effectively.  

Skills Involved:

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