LasikPlus App

The Custom Web Application For LasikPlus’s Internal Management Operations

For organizing medical information and patient records.

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The Medical Management Challenge 

When it comes to organizing medical information and patient records, internal management can be a challenge. Employees can struggle and even make mistakes when organizing and storing files and information of their patients, as well as when setting up scheduling and managing payments.

This was the case, particularly for the US-based laser eye surgery company LasikPlus. So there was a need for an application that could help take care of everything medical for their multiple locations.

The Vision Behind the App

LasikPlus provides safe and effective LASIK and PRK to its patients. The founder recognized a need for an application that would simplify internal management processes. He wanted to build a web app that would let its employees organize patient information and files, set schedules, assess treatment options, and manage payments.

He had an outdated version of the app but wanted to upgrade it, so he turned to Scopic, a medical software development company.


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The Scopic Solution

LasikPlus joined forces with Scopic to redesign and rebuild the LasikPlus app from the ground up. The app was created with Vue.js, in collaboration with a client-side team.

Today, the LasikPlus app is used by all the employees of the company across the United States, helping health professionals manage their work better and avoid technical errors.

LasikPlus-App solution

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