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The Challenge 

Many vets are still using paper-based documentation systems that take up valuable time and make storing, managing and accessing pet files a great challenge. It is also very common for pet owners to lose vital medical information about their pets. 

Furthermore, the transfer of important documents rarely occurs whenever a pet is adopted by a new owner. With no access to previous illness history, latest test results, vaccination history, and pet allergy reports, the vetinary’s job becomes a lot more complicated.

The Vision 

The founders of Metron Image Viewer were on a mission to empower vets and veterinary practitioners to access, review and store client files more easily. They wanted to create a seamless application, with a user-friendly UI that would allow for image downloads and audio comments to be made. Looking to partner with a reliable medical software development company to achieve their goals, they found Scopic.

The Solution

Scopic created a unique application using HTML5 technology. The clear and crisp user interface was designed with the users’ needs in mind, and when working on the project, our developers built in the option to edit the brightness and contrast of uploaded images for enhanced visibility. Users are also able to download these images in jpg or Dicom format. 

The Metron Image Viewer app equips vets with the tools they need to easily leave and access audio comments on the uploaded images; thus streamlining their documentation workflow. As the web viewer is connected to the desktop application, all files can also be uploaded seamlessly.

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