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The Nutrition Challenge 

Prepping and planning meals is always a chore. But when you’re trying to adopt healthy eating habits it can be hard to know where to start. 

People who eat healthily often find it hard to find the right kind of restaurants that serve the healthy food they are looking for. 

Most people struggle to find a good fitness coach in their area and end up changing trainers several times before deciding it’s just not for them.

The Website Vision

The creators of MyFuelUp wanted to promote their easy-to-use application for fitness enthusiasts. They hoped to demonstrate the benefits of an app that helps users find great meal plans, ideal restaurants to fulfill their daily macro needs, as well as knowledgeable fitness coaches in their area. Ultimately, they were on a mission to share their knowledge and raise awareness to drive more downloads. The founder were looking for a software development partner who could create a website that would empower more of their visitors to stay fit and live more healthily. 

The Scopic Solution

With the founder’s vision in mind, our talented development team at Scopic built this website. It’s main purpose was to showcase the amazing meal planning app that provides healthy meal plan suggestions, along with grocery lists, restaurant recommendations, and coach info for people who want to achieve their fitness goals in a healthy and fulfilling manner.

Scopic worked hard to capture the essence of MyFuelUp’s mission ‘‘to empower people to make the most effective and efficient daily nutritional decisions through mobile technology.” Using a number of elements, such as the parallax scrolling effect, our web designers enhanced the navigation, aesthetics, and usability of the website in an attempt to encourage visitors to take action when browsing. 

Skills Involved:

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