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The Challenge with Training Programs

Creating effective employee training programs requires significant effort, but also generates feasible value for both the company and the employee. To capture the training’s success and to determine further areas of improvement, it is necessary to track the employee training progress. However, without all the data being pulled into a central location, it proves challenging to pinpoint how the training program or the employee training performance can be improved.

The Vision

Scopic sought to create a powerful solution that would enable its employees to continuously gain new skills and expertise. We envisioned an all-in-one platform that would help create, assign, and assess the progress of employee training. We also wanted the Training System to allow the users to access the information about the offered courses and for the company to monitor the training budget.

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The Scopic Solution

Scopic’s Training System is designed to monitor the progress of training assignments and provide tools for managing training budgets.

The Training Library is one of the components of the Scopic’s Training System. It is the area where users can find information about the offered courses and pick the ones they are most interested in.

The training itself is conducted via two study types: Training and Practical Task.
The Training study type is suitable for employees looking to acquire new skills about a particular technology. Once the training coordinator grants access to the learning resources, the trainee starts with the course. Trainees provide progress reports that are synced with the time tracking system, making it simple for the coordinator to monitor the training budget.

The Practical Task study type is designed to create a cohesive flow of actions between the trainee, the training coordinator, and the trainer. This study type is used when the trainee is working on a practical task after completing the training. The Practical Task displays the following information: progress achieved, assignment details, improvements requested, trainer’s feedback, EOD history, and the final score from the trainer.

The employees also have an option of following a Training Path. The Training Path is a consecutive chain of study assignments that allows the employees to develop a full set of skills in a particular domain. The Training Path is multipurpose, adapted to specific training needs, and different seniority levels.

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