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The Employee Feedback Challenge 

While companies are eager to increase focus on their customers’ satisfaction, recognizing the return on investment, many still lag behind in applying the same level of enthusiasm on their internal programs. This eventually will reflect on employees’ productivity. Employees need to feel heard, while at the same time, managers need to know how their job or current task is affecting their employees. This kind of data collection is often neglected also due to the time-consuming and manual process of having to ask each one of them, on a certain time basis.

The Vision Behind the App

Scopic recognized the enterprises’ need to find out what their employees are experiencing emotionally due to their professional tasks. As the largest remote-based company, having an understanding of the thoughts and feelings with only virtual indicatives and no live feedback was essential in the way we constructed our work-relationship and productivity. We decided to focus this data collection on 4 core sentiments:

  • Stress
  • Motivation
  • Satisfaction
  • Frustration

Scopic decided to concretize this idea through an automated solution.

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The Scopic Solution

Scopic developed Sentiment Feedback Tool. Utilizing the technology behind Zoho-Creator and low-code app development, our web developers were able to build a platform that allows managers to understand the overall sentiment of specific employees and departments. Its functionalities include:

Account Authentication

Anonymity Management

Sentiment Feedback

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Reminder Message

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