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The Snowboard Website Challenge 

There are now so many brands and options of snowboard equipment available to customers that the selection can be overwhelming. If you are new to the sport, it might be hard to grasp where to start when selecting the right setup.

How do you know what bindings to choose and board to buy or what style to pick that fits your needs?

The Vision Behind Snowdevil

The two guys behind Snowdevil realized the challenge associated with trying to sort through all of the options. They wanted to provide a site where snowboarders, or wanna-be snowboarders, could go to find good quality products. Not only that, the partners wanted to recommend products that they had personally used and vouched for. With their simple yet effective idea, they teamed up with Scopic to develop their website.

Snowdevil vision

The Scopic Solution

Our development team built the Snowdevil website to be fully responsive, complete with an easily navigated and accessible menu. The site is structured to showcase the snowboard products the best way possible through an online shop complete with recommendations from the Snowdevil team.

The site is built with bootstrap and the Shopify platform, allowing the team at Snowdevil to build their own products with ease and sell them with automated payment methods and detailed reports.

Snowdevil solution

Skills Involved:

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