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The Synchronization Challenge Summarized

Working with multiple project management tools is a reality for many companies. For instance, Jira has established itself as a popular tool for tech teams and developers. Teamwork is another preferred platform among project managers and business units. The challenge lies with seamlessly bridging the gap between these two applications, allowing for effective Teamwork Jira collaboration.

The Vision Behind the App

Scopic envisioned a powerful application that will allow different departments of an organization to use either Teamwork or Jira while still keeping all the project data synchronized.
Scopic strived to redefine productivity by syncing these popular project management tools, while ensuring fail-proof user experience for everyone.

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The Scopic Solution


SoftSync is an application developed by Scopic to easily view, track, and update your projects across Jira Cloud and Teamwork, no coding needed. Importing Teamwork desk into Jira service desk has never been easier!

SoftSync supports all the desktop browsers compatible with Jira Cloud, including the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.

Key benefits of SoftSync:

  • Synchronize teams across both platforms to maintain seamless communication.
  • Save time and money by visualizing project data across platforms without acquiring extra licenses.
  • Provide custom access levels to different users to allow each person to have the data visualization level they need.
  • Send and assign feature requests and task planning from Teamwork to Jira while executing development tasks and QA in Jira.
  • Connect with clients using Jira or Teamwork and automatically sync projects with your tech team.

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Skills Involved:

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