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An Easy Way to Find All the Chemicals You Need 

The Challenge

Connecting buyers and suppliers in the chemical industry can be difficult. Usually, finding all the right chemical products entails multiple calls and emails until you find the best offer. This can also affect your bottom line and the flow of your daily operations. Fortunately, Stokkee is here to help.

The Vision

With Stokkee, buyers and R&D scientists can find the ingredients they need when they need them. And sellers can easily find buyers, increase sales, and improve inventory turnover. The platform connects users who are interested in closing a deal, helps you see the real-time inventory of all sellers on the interactive map, and you can even request a sample of a product you’re interested in.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic helped create the Stokkee e-commerce platform from scratch. We also optimized it, so it runs smoothly and integrated it with different payment options such as PayPal, Veem, and Stripe. Additionally, we built the bidding system for products with negotiable prices, and we created the bulk inventory and stock updates functionalities.

Skills Involved:

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