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The Health and Wellness Challenge

Being diagnosed with a chronic health condition like diabetes is a life changing event that often requires an immediate change of lifestyle for the individual involved, as well as for their close family members. It can be an overwhelming time and it isn’t always easy to find trustworthy, reliable information to reduce the risk of health and wellness disaster from occurring. Sticking to a lifestyle improvement plan also takes great discipline and motivation.

The Medical Professional’s Vision

Having spent over 25 years in the medical industry, when the founder of Kairwell was diagnosed with a disabling disease, he was inspired to use his knowledge and expertise to help others going through similar situations. He believed that by creating a health and wellness social network he would be able to raise awareness as to the importance of understanding your health conditions and risks, following your doctor’s instructions, telling others about your health and wellness concerns, and maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

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The Scope Solution

The founder of Kairwell turned to the Scopic team to create an engaging website that would encourage readers to join this network and take control of their health. Using PHP, JQuery and other technologies, a team of our professional web developers set to work to create an innovative and custom web design and development solution.

The website helps clients create a health profile so that they can monitor their diet and exercise. By signing up, they are then socially connected to one another and are able to compare and track the health of their loved ones too.

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