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The Mobile Business Challenge Summarized

Information Technology is encountering an increase in adoption throughout almost all industries such as:

– Medical Services
– Film & Media
– Construction
– Finance
– Legal Services
– Government

Mobile and IoT devices, in particular, are exploding at astonishing rates and are anticipated to experience growth in opportunities and streamlined workflows. However, this fast-paced environment exposes enterprises to the risk of not being able to manage their mobile networks. Mobile devices can become difficult and expensive to maintain. And companies can also become vulnerable to security threats.

The Vision Behind the App

In 2001, when mobile phones were just making their way into palms around the world, Wireless Watchdogs decided to start catering to the mobile industry. The company was initially set up to provide mobile devices to film and television production crews, but the Wireless Watchdogs’ vision ambitiously grew into helping businesses in all fields thrive in terms of acquiring, distributing, managing and maintaining their team’s mobile devices.

As the industry expanded, and mobile usage demands continued to increase, Wireless Watchdogs became even more committed to helping companies simplify and enhance the way in which enterprises managed their mobile devices and IoT networks. They knew that optimized mobile systems were critical, regardless of the industry. So they joined forces with Scopic to begin offering full-service management solutions through a mobile device management tool.

The Scopic Solution

Scopic began crafting software that aimed to make managing mobile and IoT networks easier. Wireless Watchdogs then became an app that companies could use to manage mobile-related expenses, mobility management, and mobile device security. In short, this platform helps companies reduce the cost and complexity of their mobility needs.

Through responsive design, Wireless Watchdogs allows customers to produce detailed billing analysis and process optimization. It also gives them the ability to carry out smooth reporting and management. Wireless Watchdogs’ user-friendliness ensured the ability to provide good support and services to the customers.

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