There’s No Need to Pay More Than Others for the Same SaaS Solutions 

ZSCOR Examines Cost and Reviews for Different SaaS Software Tools for Free  


The Challenge 

SaaS product pricing can get quite confusing. While most SaaS companies have preset package plans and pricing, they often offer custom-priced solutions based on a company’s needs, futures included, and the number of users. So, naturally, many company representatives in charge of choosing SaaS tools and packages for their organization are wondering: “Am I charged adequately? Where does my SaaS pricing stand compared to other companies using the same SaaS tools?”   

That’s where ZSCOR comes to the rescue! 

The Vision

ZSCOR allows users to compare spending on hundreds of SaaS tools against scores of similarly sized companies. The solution is a give-to-get website that unlocks every report on every SaaS software in a category for free, as long as you provide information on the SaaS software tools that you are currently paying for.  

The Scopic Solution

The website app, developed by Scopic, asks users to provide pricing data on the SaaS Software tools they are currently paying for. The information provided by all users is processed into insightful reports that any other user can unlock for free. The reports are unlocked for a limited time, but they can be unlocked again by providing new data. Hence, the ZSCOR reports are constantly growing and stay up to date

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