Custom Dental 3D Modeling Software Development

Do you have an idea that can advance the dental industry and give your business a leg up on the competition? With our expertise in custom dental 3D modeling software and machine learning development, we can help you create intuitive technology that more accurately showcases potential treatment results and aids in tracking patient progress. From teeth mapping to 3D implant visualization, whatever the need, we can turn your idea into innovative software that will set your practice apart!

The Power of Custom Dental 3D Software Solutions

With the power of dental 3D scanning, it is now possible to produce incredibly accurate 3D images of teeth, the mouth, the jaw, and gums, allowing dental and orthodontics patients to see realistic digital representations of what the end result of their treatment will look like. Since 2006, Scopic has helped numerous companies modernize the dental and orthodontic industries. With our tailor-made 3D scanning and modeling software, we wow both dental professionals and their patients alike. Each solution is carefully crafted and developed to tackle our customers’ needs. Here are just a few of the various types of dental modeling solutions that we have built for dental professionals:

3D Teeth Mapping Software

With this type of solution, dentists can provide patients with clear, detailed images of their teeth and gums to demonstrate treatment options.

Digital Precision Bracket Placement Solutions

This solution can be created as 3D scanning software that can replicate the teeth of each patient to allow orthodontists to treat patients more effectively.

Shade Matching and Teeth Whitening Software

This type of tool mathematically determines and maps a tooth’s shade to ensure a perfect, evenly-white smile.

Dental Implants and Prosthodontics Software

With software like this, dentists can plan implants and prosthodontics accurately and with just a click of a button.

Cephalometric Analysis Tools

This type of technology produces accurate images of the face and skull that can be used to simulate and track treatment.

Unique Technology for Your Dental Practice Made With Top Standards

While each solution that we create is custom made to your specifications, all of the dental software that we design is known to:

Help dentists monitor patient care through 3D clinical charting and advanced analytics

Enable dental professionals to offer a smoother dental experience to patients

Provide accurate diagnoses with 3D scanning and modeling technology

Save patients time and money with more precise treatment

Remain HIPAA-compliant throughout all treatments

Keep sensitive patient data more secure than ever before by relying on us to assess, mitigate, and protect your software systems from vulnerabilities

We understand and develop for your needs as a dental professional! Getting in touch is the first step to bringing your idea to life.

The Technology Behind Dental Industry Innovation

Our highly-skilled developers design software that will transform how you diagnose and treat patients. The skills involved in creating this technology include:

  • Image Processing (OpenCV, VTK)
  • Computer Vision (OpenCV, VTK)
  • Machine Learning (TensorFlow, Google AutoML)
  • 3D (VTK, OpenGL, ThreeJS)
  • Cross-Platform Desktop Application Development (C++/Qt, C#, Electron JS)
  • Native & Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development (Swift, Kotlin/Java, React Native, Flutter)
  • Browser Application Development (React, Angular, Vue, HTML)
  • Backend Application Development (NodeJS, .Net, PHP, GoLang, SQL and NoSQL databases)
  • Scalable & Secure Backend Application Deployment (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Docker, Kubernetes)
  • UI/UX/Graphic Design
  • Agile & Hybrid Project Management

Choose Scopic as your go-to dental software development and digital marketing company to start designing, developing, and integrating your innovative dental and orthodontic solutions.

Our Clients: Innovation in Action

Ready to design, develop, and market your ideas into industry-changing dental imaging software? Here’s some inspiration from dental professionals we’ve worked with:


The team at ShadeWave was aiming to increase the efficiency of shade matching in dental restoration procedures. They turned to our experienced dental software developers for help. Driven by their vision, we built a cloud-based app with advanced imaging capabilities. The app maps a tooth’s shade, translucency, and value. And uses scientifically formulated reference targets to avoid inconsistent shade tabs. It allows for real-time communication with labs, providing a more simplified and accurate shade matching process.


Orthoselect answered the industry call for a unified platform. They hoped to map out clinical trials and possible outcomes for orthodontic treatments. Teaming up with this company, we produced high-quality products, while shrinking the margin of error. The orthodontic imaging software created, digitally simulates a 3D bonding tray. It then prepares it for adjustments before final printing. OpenGL, VTK, and other technologies helped make this platform a reality. This product has set a new industry standard for orthodontic practices.


Mouthguard sought to streamline the process of making and fitting mouthguards. They aimed to help improve treatment for issues like teeth grinding and sports injuries. Using C++ and QT technologies, Scopic developers worked to build a unique imaging solution software. This product digitally scans a patient’s mouth. It then provides exact measurements and replaces inaccurate molds with precise 3D renderings of the patient’s face and mouth. When clients break or misplace customized hardware, it’s as easy as hitting the print button to produce a new one. Now there is no excuse to not wear your mouthguard!


ImageCentrik brought dental imaging into the 21st century. How? With the simple-to-use, powerful dental image analysis software we built. The power of C++, MySQL, and other technologies enable dentists to take photos accurately and quickly. Once the app has edited and processed intraoral photos, dentists can select from a variety of templates. These are designed for presentations with patients, practitioners, and insurance companies. ImageCentrik has everyone covered.

“I have worked with several software firms and many freelancers. Scopic is by far the best we have worked with. They are affordable, exceptionally talented, and communicative. I am really appreciative of Scopic. I can’t say that enough about them. No more searching for another software firm. Scopic is home.”

Steve Gardiner, CEO of OrthoSelect Inc.

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