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Health and Fitness App Development and Marketing

Do you need custom fitness app development, web design services, and an end-to-end marketing strategy from a full service digital marketing agency? Scopic’s team will take your idea from zero to hero!

The Interaction You Want and Your Users Need

Power up your health and fitness app full of features that promote a healthy lifestyle. Help users engage with each other.

























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Motivate. Engage.Help Users Live Healthier. 

Lead users toward healthier lifestyles. Our team is experienced in crafting custom fitness software solutions. We will bring your health app idea to life and power it up with advanced features and functionalities! 

Create engaging workout routines that make your users more active! Our team of experienced developers will power up the fitness app videos, instructions or live streaming to make the exercise demonstrations more interactive and engaging.

Exercise Routines

Provide meal plan solutions, nutritional advice or healthy facts while allowing users to track their progress and count calories to achieve sustainable results. 

Nutrition Planners

Help users monitor the data associated with vital activities and deliver the right information to keep them motivated. Focus your fitness app development on integrating with various apps and activity tracker gadgets such as watches and bands. 

Activity Trackers

Fitness Community

Build a social platform that connects your health and fitness community while helping users network through motivational activities. Create a custom fitness app that allows people to invite their friends, invite them, compete, or achieve goals together!

Weight Loss

Help users reach their weight loss goals through personalized plans that target all aspects of a balanced and healthy regime, even in the calorie deficit phases. We can implement advanced algorithms in your fitness software solutions in order to fully support your vision of the product.

Yoga and Meditation

Guide your users to introspective realization with yoga and meditation techniques that resonate on an individual and spiritual level.

Build & Promote Your Fitness Software Solution

Full-Service Custom Fitness Software Development, Custom Graphic Design, and our full service digital marketing agency will take your idea from zero to hero!

What are you getting by working with Scopic on your health and fitness solution?

Partnering with Scopic gives you the opportunity to work with experienced development,

marketing, SEO, and design teams all at once to create your advanced solution. When working with us, you can expect:

Full-stack app and website development process 

Advice on how to define the product specifications

Tailor-made fitness app design to ensure optimal user experience

Continued support for your fitness software solution

Experienced fitness app developers working with an Agile Development process

End-to-end marketing strategy development and execution

Advice on the promotion and monetization process 

Are you ready to turn your idea into an app that could change peoples’ lives and bring profit at the same time?

We are Proud of:

Gorilla Workout 

Bodyweight Exercise App

Hosts bodyweight workout videos.

Allows activity and goal tracking.

Enables social sharing for fitness updates.

“It has always been an 

absolute pleasure working

with Scopic. I can’t recommend them enough!” 

Health and Fitness Social Network

Displays community and group fitness content.

Allows users to create workout plans and join group events.

Connects trainees with their coaches and gyms.


Meal Planning Application

Converts healthy meal plans into grocery lists.

Locates meal alternatives at restaurants nearby.

Provides coach info and schedules meal alarms.


“Scopic has provided excellent strategy, content, and execution to have the app effectively promoted in iTunes and Google Play which helped build our growing network of followers.” — Ken Leeser, founder of RecipeIQ.

Nutritional App Built with OCR

Scans meals on photos and websites.

Extracts the nutritional facts from print and online recipes.

Calculates the combined nutritional values of their ingredients.


Posture Tracking Application

Sends posture reminders.

Provides statistics that help users improve posture habits.

Alerts when the mobile device is at less than 70 degrees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the most frequently asked questions about health and fitness app development. Don’t see your question below? Contact us!


Could you advise on the product roadmap development?

Sure! We’re not just there to execute. Our team will provide advice based on experience and will give you feedback on your idea in order to help you continuously improve your health and fitness app. 


Will I be involved in the development process to give feedback in the making?

Yes, we use the Agile Development method based on frequent feedback loops and consistent contact with the client. You will be part of each development phase, including approving the prototypes, building beta versions and releasing the final product.


I already have an existing fitness app. Can I still use Scopic’s development and marketing services? 

Yes! We can help with the development of a new product, maintenance of an existing product, and marketing services regardless of the stage of your app.


Can Scopic help with App Store Optimization and product marketing? 

Yes, we can provide consulting, ASO (App Store Optimization), and further marketing services for your application, such as email marketing, content marketing, SEO, influencer marketing, social media management, Google Ads. Check out more information about all our marketing services here.


Can you help with in-app purchases and in-app advertising?

Yes, our marketing specialists could advise which monetization strategy would work best for your health and fitness solution and the development team can implement it into the application.

Let’s Shape Your Idea Into Reality!

With a quick chat, we’ll be able to provide an initial quote and recommend the right fitness software solution to fit your needs.


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