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The Fitness Challenge Summarized


Fitness Ninjas

Sticking to goals and staying focused is no easy task. Everyone dreams of being at their fittest. But life has a habit of getting in the way. And unfortunately, your fitness trainer can’t always be by your side to motivate you when you need them most.


Inspirational Fitness Leaders

You’re growing your tribe and motivating them to reach their goals. But how can you ensure they follow your guidance outside of your fitness sessions?


The Gym

You’re looking for ways to increase client memberships, but so many people sign up and don’t stick to their routines. You have the best trainers and the newest equipment, but clients are just so unpredictable!

The Vision Behind the App

FitStation was created on a mission to build stronger connections and raise community spirit. Founder, Roger Williams, wanted to build the bridge of communication for the fitness world. He wanted to ensure fitness leaders, gurus, enthusiasts and beginners alike, had a space to join together and motivate one another to achieve their personal goals. So he worked with Scopic to craft a supportive fitness network that allows fitness leaders to provide support from within the pockets of their tribes, no matter where they are.

The Scopic Solution

FitStation joined forces with Scopic’s fitness app development services to build, design and market this cross-platform mobile application for iOS and Android users. Developing this app from scratch, our mobile experts began by building in features to help with everyday fitness such as: 

Workout sending and tracking

Goal setting

Client feedback

Events scheduling

Unlimited group creation

And more!

We then kept the app growing and socially active by developing a fitness social network with a newsfeed built into the product. This enhanced user interaction and gave FitStation members the ability to create their own tribes.

Skills Involved:

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