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Looking for a trusted web development company to bring your web-based projects to life? Look no further.

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We have expertise covering web design, front-end, and back-end development in a great variety of languages and frameworks and we are ready to tackle your project.

Recognized as a top B2B company for web development, we provide a range of high-quality, custom web development services that empower your business to thrive online.

Tailored Web Development Services to Meet Your Unique Business Needs

Your project. Your rules. Our expertise.

At Scopic, we work with you to create tailored web solutions that attract and connect with your audience. Our custom web development services include:

Custom Website Development

Our website development services are customized to fit your specific business goals and needs. Our skilled developers use the latest technologies and best practices to create functional, fully optimized, easy-to-scale websites.

We work closely with our clients every step of the way to create state-of-the-art, user-friendly solutions. Whether you want to build a simple landing page or a more complex website solution, we’re here to help you establish a strong online presence and bring your business to new heights.

Custom Web Design

Our team of talented designers creates beautiful custom web designs that resonate with your brand identity. We can build a functional web design from scratch, creating the layout, graphic design visuals, and web pages.

But that’s not all. We go a step beyond ensuring the website or web app has a smooth user experience and is visually appealing.

By combining usability with aesthetics, we create unique web solutions that satisfy both you and your customers.

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Custom Web Application Development

Make use of our custom web application development services to wow your target audience with industry-specific, niche web applications, built and maintained by experts.

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Hosting and Server Management

Our hosting and server management services provide businesses with reliable and secure hosting solutions, along with expert management and support.

Testing and Quality Assurance

We meticulously test and optimize for the highest standard of performance and functionality of your web project across all devices.

Maintenance and Support

Our ongoing support and maintenance services ensure your web-based project’s continued stability, security, and peak performance.

Why Choose Scopic as Your Trusted Web Development Company?

Our success as a custom web development company lies in our tried and tested eight-step process, perfected on over 1,000 client projects, to help growing businesses like yours reach your business goals:

The Scopic Approach


First, we get on an exploration call where we talk about your vision for the project.

QA & Testing:

Our QA specialists test the solution inside-out to find all the problems and edge cases, which are then fixed by the deployment team.


Together, we formulate a plan of action, tailored to your business needs.


Once your web solution is finalized, our team will pick the most optimal cloud services and deploy your application for end users to enjoy.


Our web designers will shape your vision into an engaging, user-friendly web experience that your visitors will love.

Maintenance and Support

After launch, we stick around to make updates and fix any bugs that may arise along the way.


Our development team starts building your web solution and keeps you posted with regular progress reports and milestone deliverables, so you have full visibility and control over the implementation process.


Our marketing professionals use the industry’s best practices to ensure web traffic is booming, content is optimized, and your visitors are converting into sales opportunities.

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Our Expert Team of Web Developers and Professionals

Take your first steps in the right direction by choosing a custom web development company for your newest project. Turn to Scopic for your web design and development needs, and we’ll take care of the rest. Scopic’s team of well-versed experts specializes in the following areas:

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Front-End Developers

Our front-end web developers are responsible for implementing the look, feel, and interactive components of your website to keep your online presence on …

Back-End Developers

Our back-end developers are crucial players on our team as they write server-side code to ensure data flows through the application and between your end use…

QA Testers and Engineers

Scopic’s team of QA Testers and Engineers ensures that your website or web application is error-free and functions at optimal levels….

UI and UX Designers

UI and UX design is crucial for your web solution’s success as it affects how users perceive and interact with it…

Digital Marketers

Once your web-based project is live, our digital marketing experts deploy all their efforts into promoting it, so it reaches its full potential…

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Our Technology Stack

Selecting the right stack can be overwhelming.

Our team of web developers will be by your side as we guide you through the selection of the best tools for your custom web development project.

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Wed Design and Development FAQs

What is custom web development and design?

Custom web development and design involve creating a unique, customized web solution for your business. Every functionality and feature of the web solution can be tailored to suit your specific business goals and needs.

Such projects are created from the ground up and involve a variety of tasks like front and back-end development, graphic design, and UX design.

Why choose custom-made website solutions?

A custom-made website solution ensures a unique online experience for your audience. Meanwhile, it helps you stand out from your competitors as it allows for a more personalized approach to web development.

To create a tailored website, the developers usually start working on the project from scratch as opposed to using pre-made templates. The end result? You get a one-of-a-kind website that serves all your needs and requirements.

At Scopic, we create custom web solutions that:

  • Transform your ideas into digital reality.
  • Enhance user experience.
  • Expand your outreach and ensure new customers can find you easily.
  • Use cloud computing solutions to scale fast.
  • Help you transform your website into a beautifully designed iOS or Android app at affordable rates.

Why choose custom web application development services?

By using a reliable custom web application development service, you can add many more functionalities and features to make your solution as unique and convenient as possible.

For example, at Scopic, we offer:

  • Innovative web app development: Our progressive apps use the best of both worlds since they're built with web technologies but have the look and feel of mobile apps.
  • Integration with third-party services: We can help you integrate powerful APIs like payment providers, custom maps, and communication channels.
  • E-commerce development: Looking to boost your sales? Our e-commerce developers can help you.
  • Web portals: Through our web portals, your business can easily connect with customers and manage its online presence.
  • Audio and video streaming apps: We also develop advanced 3D visuals, interactive content, and streaming applications, so you can deliver the best multimedia experience to your customers.
  • Content management systems: Need to integrate a CMS with your website for easier management? No problem! Our experts can integrate WordPress, Joomla, and other popular platforms as well as build a custom CMS solution for you.

How much do web development services cost?

The cost of web development services can vary widely depending on the nature of the project, its complexity, the expertise of the developers, and where they're based (an offshore company would usually offer high-quality services at a lower price).

On average, smaller and simpler projects can cost a few thousand, while larger and more complex websites can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. To understand the exact cost, it's best to get a detailed quote from your service provider before you start the project.