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From consulting on project ideation to implementing the most effective programming languages and methodologies, we offer comprehensive end-to-end software development services to help bring your software vision to life.

We have a dedicated team of skilled and certified developers specializing in the design, creation, maintenance, and support of top-quality applications for a wide range of clients.

With our full-cycle software development services and knowledge of different IT technologies and frameworks, we can create software solutions that are tailored to your needs and goals.

We are a custom software development company that offers a wide range of services in web, desktop, and mobile development.

Our Custom Software Development Services

Scopic provides comprehensive software development solutions for businesses looking to create custom software applications

Web Application Development

Our custom web application development services cater to businesses of all sizes, creating powerful and scalable applications that help you grow and succeed.

  • Traditional Web App Development

    Our expert developers craft responsive, feature-rich web applications tailored to your needs. We use the latest frameworks and technologies to ensure optimal performance, intuitive user experiences, and long-term scalability.

  • Cloud-Native App Development

    Embrace the power of the cloud with our cloud-native application development services. We help you build, deploy, and manage cloud-native applications that are designed to take full advantage of cloud computing and provide scalable, resilient, and cost-effective solutions for your business.

Mobile Application Development

Unlock more doors and reach larger audiences by making your application more accessible.

  • Native Mobile App Development:

    Our experienced mobile app developers create high-performance, secure native apps that deliver the best possible user experience. We harness the power of platform-specific features and technologies to ensure your app stands out in the market.

  • Cross-Platform Mobile App Development:

    Achieve faster time-to-market and cost-effective solutions with our cross-platform mobile app development services. We use advanced frameworks like React Native and Node.js to build reliable and engaging apps that work seamlessly across multiple platforms.

Desktop Development

Optimize your software project potential by injecting life into your legacy systems.

  • Native Desktop App Development

    We develop high-performance native desktop applications that leverage platform-specific capabilities to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance. Our expert developers use the latest technologies and best practices to create custom solutions for Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms.

  • Cross-Platform Desktop App Development

    Save time and resources with our cross-platform desktop app development services. Our skilled team employs cutting-edge frameworks to build versatile, high-quality applications that run smoothly across multiple operating systems without compromising on features or performance.

Application Hosting Services

Our application hosting services let clients host their applications on our infrastructure, taking advantage of resource sharing and cloud scalability.

Our application hosting services provide a cost-effective solution for clients who want to host their custom software applications on our secure and reliable Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers, without the upfront investment and ongoing maintenance of their own infrastructure.

Originally designed as a way to leverage server resource sharing, our hosting services have evolved to meet the changing needs of our clients, offering a flexible and scalable solution that can be customized to meet their specific requirements.

Supporting Services


We understand the importance of seamless deployment and efficient lifecycle management of software products.
Our team can provide DevOps services to ensure that your software is deployed and managed in the most efficient and effective way possible. We can also provide lifecycle management and deployment services to help you manage your software throughout its entire lifecycle.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Ensure the quality and usability of your software. Quality Assurance and software testing services are a vital part of the software development process, ensuring that the end product is of the highest quality and meets the needs of the user. Our team of experienced testers will thoroughly assess your application, identifying any bugs or issues that need to be addressed. You can be confident that your software is ready for launch and will provide a seamless experience for your users.

Support and Maintenance

Ensure smooth and optimal software operation. Our support and maintenance services are designed to keep your software running smoothly and effectively, addressing critical bugs and usability issues as they arise and ensuring that your software stays up to date with the latest security patches and other updates. Our professional technical team provides timely and reliable support to help our clients maintain the optimal operation of their software.

Team Augmentation

We provide outsourcing software development services for clients who want to take advantage of the cost-effectiveness and scalability of offshoring or nearshoring. Our team augmentation services are designed to provide you with the resources and support you need to achieve your goals, acting as a true partner rather than just a service provider. Whether you need additional resources to meet a temporary demand, support for a specific project, or ongoing assistance with managing your team, we are here to help.

Our team augmentation services include the hiring and assignment of skilled professionals, as well as performance evaluations and support in times of crisis or other challenges. By working together as partners, we can help you build a strong and successful team that can drive your business forward.

We’ve Got a Passion for Creating Outstanding Digital Experiences

With over 1000 completed projects, 15+ years of experience, and a team of over 280 people from 40+ countries, you can expect nothing less than exceptional quality, timely delivery, and world-class, full-cycle software development services.

Proven Track Record of Success Across Various Industries

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Our team of expert developers combines cutting-edge technology with a commitment to quality to bring you the best possible solutions.

Our Software Development Process and Workflow

At Scopic, we follow a proven process to ensure the successful delivery of our software application development services.


Planning and Rough Estimates

Our process starts with the planning and rough estimates phase, where we work closely in collaboration with clients to understand their specific needs and goals.


Discovery and Analysis Phase

From there, we move into the discovery phase, where we conduct a detailed analysis of the project requirements and define the scope of the project. We will analyze your current situation and provide a framework with a set of actionable steps and custom estimates, showing EXACTLY what has to be done.


Final Estimates

Based on this analysis, we provide final estimates and, once a contract agreement is reached, we fully allocate our team to the project and kick off development.


Development and Testing

Throughout the development and testing phases, we utilize a variety of software development models, including Waterfall, Lean, Hybrid, and Agile software development, to ensure that we are delivering high-quality, reliable software that meets the needs of our clients.


Maintenance and Support

Our software development experts will track your app or website’s performance from its inception and create performance reports promptly. We will take care of any issues down the line. We can also track app analytics for our clients.

An Umbrella of Advanced
Technology Products

We can develop much more than just software programs. Here’s just a sneak peek of all the other products we can develop:

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CRM Solutions

Whether you are looking to integrate an existing customer relationship management solution into your operations or create a brand-new system with a custom interface – we will have you covered.

Enterprise Software development Resource Planning Solutions

Custom automated payroll processing, own resource management system, warehouse inventory planning automation - Scopic can create all kinds of custom software solutions following the highest standards of security.

Payment Processing Solutions

Whether you are looking to program a new physical POS device, set up e-commerce, or integrate a custom invoicing solution into your business, Scopic’s engineering experts will help you out.

Big Data

Our big data analytics and data science services help organizations make sense of large and complex data sets in order to gain valuable insights, make informed decisions, and drive business growth.

Artificial Intelligence

Whether you are looking to improve customer experience, automate repetitive tasks, or gain a competitive edge in your industry, our AI services can help you achieve your objectives.

Augmented and
Virtual Reality

Our augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) services help organizations create immersive and interactive experiences that engage and delight their customers, employees, and partners.

Internet of Things

We're here to help you connect and automate your devices and exchange data through IoT to make your business more efficient and smarter. We'll work with you to create a system that allows you to manage your business more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

Blockchain software application development services

Our highly qualified blockchain software developers and engineers specialize in helping businesses leverage this new technology to improve efficiency and security in their operations.

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Our Languages and Technologies

You pick the technology stack; we do the work. We have over 200+ developers and software engineers who can work with any programming language of your choice.

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