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Highly scalable back-ends and rich media front-ends. We build full-stack solutions.


Developed over 100 mobile apps, including several featured by Apple. Experts in cross platform solutions and services.


Industrial-strength applications custom-built for financial trading, medical markets and manufacturing.


Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is the longest English word found in a dictionary. It’s difficult to pronounce and even harder to spell, but if you look carefully, “scopic” is right in the center of it.

That’s what makes Scopic special: We’re right in the center of what’s difficult. We find solutions for complicated problems.

US-based Scopic Software has fit clients with tailor-made solutions for almost a decade. We keep it technically simple and visually engaging with the right media,
in the right place, at the right time.

Developers, designers, and QA’s managed by a PM work with you to create a product that’s unique and compelling.

Welcome to Scopic Software.


    At Scopic, communication is vital. Our first step is to listen to your needs and get a solid grasp on your particular problem. By creating an open dialogue, we’re able to fully understand your distinct requirements so we can develop the custom solution that’s right for you.


    Our developers are experts in visual software ranging from modern user-interface design to eye-catching 3D graphics and high-resolution, streaming video.


    As the largest virtual software company in the world, we’re not limited by location. The world is our office. Our handpicked developers come from over a dozen countries and provide the best value that your software dollar can buy.


    Utilizing a virtual structure makes us more efficient, helping us pass on lower costs to our clients. Transparency is as important to us as it is to you. We let our clients use the same online systems we use so that you have a direct view into our day-to-day activities.


"Professional, responsive and reasonable"

Dave Rozewski

I had the good fortune of finding Scopic Software after spending many years and using several contractors to develop my product. Scopic’s developers truly are experts in so many fields and work on my software as if it were their own. They are more than capable of doing any work I need. Professional, responsive and reasonable: that’s how I would sum up Scopic Software.

Dave Rozewski, President

Company: SketchList Incorporated

Industry: Cabinet Design and Woodworking


Product developed: SketchList3D

"I would highly recommend Scopic"


I have worked with Scopic for about 5 years. They have solved many problems for my companies, some of which were very challenging and obscure. Tim is great at picking out talent; his programmers are very dedicated and responsive. I highly recommend them.

Paul Geller, Founder

Company: Thankster

Industry: Thank You and Greeting Cards


Product developed: Thankster

"Scopic Software is a wonderful partner"


Scopic Software has been a wonderful partner on the prototype and algorithm development for WineGlass. I have been very pleased by the relentless focus on core technology and efficiency by their development team and by the responsiveness and flexibility of their product managers. Scopic’s work in no small part led to WineGlass peaking at #4 in the App Store and being featured on TechCrunch, CBS This Morning and the Los Angeles Times, which called the app’s technology “dazzling.” I would highly recommend Scopic as a development partner for technically complex mobile projects.

Roddy Lindsay, Founder

Company: WineGlass

Industry: Food and Drink


Product developed: WineGlass

"... it has always been an absolute pleasure working with them"

Gorilla workout

I have worked with Scopic Software on over 20 apps spanning 3 different app stores and it has always been an absolute pleasure working with them. I can’t recommend them enough!

Rick Hecker, Founder

Company: Heckr LLC

Industry: Health and Fitness


Product developed: Gorilla Workout

"Their work was very professional, done on time and within budget."

Linsay associates

I contracted with Scopic to port my iOS app, OptoDrum, to Android. Their work was very professional, done on time and within budget. Whenever a problem arose it was solved quickly and without fuss. If I have another iOS app to port I will do it with Scopic.

Paul Linsay, Founder

Company: Linsay Associates, LLC

Industry: Software


Product developed: Optodrum


As a custom software development company we’ve developed products for a variety of industries, only some of which are highlighted below. Contact us to learn more.

  • Scopic Software Medical

    Our specialties include dental and orthodontics, plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, neurocognitive research, prosthetic fitting and testing and other areas.

  • Scopic Software Finance/Trading

    We develop trading software, portfolio management, financial visualization and advanced charting.

  • Scopic Software Manufacturing

    We specialize in CAD/CAM/CNC, collaborative engineering design, furniture and cabinet modeling and embedded controllers, among others.

  • Scopic Software Photography/Videography

    Some solutions we’ve created include graduation photo software, green screen applications, augmented reality, video editors and corporate e-learning.

  • Scopic Software Entertainment

    Our high-end animation software, children’s edutainment apps, mobile games and audio mixing and recording software will stimulate and delight your consumers.


Here’s a quick glimpse at the exhaustive list of technologies we work with. Contact us to see what other technologies we utilize.

  • Scopic Software Web Frameworks

    We turbocharge our development process with state of the art frameworks such as Yii, Django, Symfony, Spring, Java and Node.js.

  • Scopic Software Responsive Design

    At Scopic we believe it’s not about the size but what you do with it. With technologies like Bootstrap and LESS, there’s not a screen size we don’t love.

  • Scopic Software Native/Cross-Platform SDKS

    We’re not tied down by a single platform; we like to play the field. We use Xamarin, AdobeAIR, PhoneGAP and Qt to cater to different operating systems.

  • Scopic Software Open GL, Direct3D
    OpenGL, Direct3D

    We are experts in standard 3D design. We utilize computer vision libraries such as OpenGL, OpenCV and DirectD3.

  • Scopic Software SQL and NoSQL Databases

    Scopic has a foot in both worlds. We use tried and true SQL when the fit is right, but aren’t afraid to delve into newer technologies like Hadoop, MongoDB, Dynamo and other applications for big data.

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