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with the Ethereum Blockchain to enable maximum financial control, flexibility and security for your growing company.

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  Custom cryptocurrency has exploded in the past 3 years with individuals, businesses and cities across the globe developing their own cryptocurrencies for a wide range of use cases including:

Buying and selling goods or services
Affordable housing
Fraud prevention and reduction

With many use cases still untapped, now is a great time to create your custom cryptocurrency token

What’s the difference between coin and token cryptocurrency development?

To put it simply, coins are usually built on their own blockchain and only used for payments. Whereas tokens are built on existing blockchains and can be used for a multitude of purposes including financial uses.

Types of tokens we develop


Let customers gain access to the services and products inside your current or future platform and make pre-orders for your digital or physical products.


This is what creates the ‘coins’ of the token world. Some of the branding may include the word coin, but security tokens act the same way, just developed on an existing blockchain, rather than their own. We deliver security tokens to cover a wide spectrum of uses including method of payment and representation of any valuable digital or physical assets, or entities such as shares in a company. 

Full CryptocurrencyDevelopment Solutions   

Besides custom cryptocurrency, our blockchain technology development services include:

Blockchain app/ DAPP Development

Blockchain and DAPPs (decentralized applications) are disrupting industries such as: banking real estate, healthcare, music, art, sports and many others, as the peer-to-peer nature means there is no middlemen to pay additional fees, but the security and trust remains. We use SDLC models to create custom blockchain and DAPPs on the Ethereum platform including reward systems and digital gift cards.

Crypto/Blockchain Wallets

Let customers safely store, send and receive currencies in a secure online wallet created for use with:

- BTC (Bitcoin)- ETH (Ethereum) + ERC-20 coins- Litecoin- Your own altcoin

We provide mobile, web and desktop crypto wallet development for safe key storage.

Blockchain Consulting 

Have your questions about cryptocurrency and blockchain been answered? The architecture, the development process, and how blockchain technology can help you reach your specific business goals. Our blockchain consulting services are tailored to your needs for the most accurate strategic planning.

Website Development alongside our Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

As part of our cryptocurrency creation service, we can define your brand story and messaging, to reflect your goals with the coin or token. Whether it’s to be used for utility or as a tradable coin, your marketing strategies can help attract your ideal users and keep them actively using your digital currency. 

Our recent cryptocurrency and blockchain projects


This application uses blockchain technology to enable single-point, secure digital KYC storage and maintenance, true-copy certification and instantaneous document exchange.


Our desktop application development services team built this web-based crypto wallet for sending and receiving cryptocurrency within organizations including our own.   .


The OmniBazaar Desktop application is a "peer-to-peer-to-peer" e-commerce marketplace, integrated with blockchain technology. We developed OmniBazaar complete with its own built-in cryptocurrency (OmniCoin).

Cryptocurrency Development Services with Scopic  

More than 14 years of experience. Over 1,000 completed projects. Choose Scopic to launch your cryptocurrency creation platform and you will gain:

Detailed planning and requirements analysis, so we can learn as much about your project and goals as possible

Experienced developers with in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency 

Dedicated project manager 

in your time zone for agile development

Timely and cost-effective 


Secure admin panel 

for your software

Regular reports 

and updates

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